Bad Omen Investigations Series

Books one and two in Tessa Bryant's new paranormal cozy mystery series, set in the fictional safe haven town of Tempest, Texas, is available now. You can also preorder Book 3 and stay tuned for even more supernatural adventures!

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Fangs, Fraud & Finals Week

A Bad Omen Investigations Prequel Novella

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Perfect for fans of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Veronica Mars, dive into this quirky, cozy, paranormal mystery and meet the younger versions of the Bad Omen Investigations team for free today.

Mallory Thorne is one failing grade from her whole life spiraling out of control. Her grades during finals week of junior year will ultimately decide if she gets into her dream college in New York and out from under her grandmother’s controlling thumb or if she’ll be stuck in Tempest, Texas for the rest of her life. The last thing she needs right now is a distraction, but when her favorite teacher goes missing Mallory can’t ignore her natural curiosity or the urge to use her magical ability to solve the case.

With the help of her quick-witted best friend, her protective little sister and the take-charge teen wolf that is definitely not her boyfriend, Mallory sets out to solve the mystery, even if it means skipping a few classes and breaking the rules. Can Mallory trust her instincts and uncover the truth about what happened to her teacher before it’s too late or will her magic fail her the same way she fears she’ll fail her tests?

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Magic, Mayhem & Murder

Bad Omen Investigations - Book One

Available Now on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited

"Full of magic, mystery, twists, turns, all things paranormal, sleuthing, sisterhood, friendship, budding romance, love, loss and all the Halloweentown vibes - the Bad Omen Investigation series is a must read!!" - Amazon Review

In the blink of an eye, Mallory Thorne’s world fell apart. She was fired from her job, found her boyfriend in bed with their neighbor, and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, a phone call from her estranged sister came next, telling her that their beloved grandmother had been murdered.

With a heavy heart, Mallory heads home to Tempest, Texas, the small hometown she never planned to revisit. Only, the moment she steps foot in town strange things start happening all around her and she realizes Tempest isn’t the place she thought she remembered at all. Vampires run the local bar, werewolves are on the police force and there's a talking cat in the bookstore!

Turns out, Tempest is a refuge for the supernatural and Mallory is descended from a powerful coven of witches. Her grandmother bound her magic and hid her memories before she left town but with Nana gone, it’s all coming back to her and nobody is more surprised than Mallory when she realizes those memories might be the key to solving her grandmother’s murder.

It’ll take all of Mallory’s newfound magic, some seriously powerful old friends, and one high school crush turned handsome Sheriff, to discover the secrets hidden in her mind and navigate the dangers lurking just out of sight. Can Mallory confront the mysteries of her past and claim her true power, or will the killer claim another victim before she can stop them?

Find out in this cozy paranormal mystery with a touch of romance, a dash of humor, and enough intrigue to keep you guessing until the very end.

Felines, Folklore & False Accusations

A Bad Omen Investigations Short Story

Available Exclusively in The Cozy Mystery Tribe's "A Hiss-teria of Killers" Anthology.

This short story is a bonus in the Bad Omen Investigations Series. The events occur following the conclusion of Magic, Mayhem & Murder. While it isn't required that you read Book 1 in the series to enjoy this short story, it is recommended. This story is told from the POV of the Thorne family familiar, the black cat named Poe.

Poe has been alive for a very long time. He’s seen it all. Done it all. And he’d tell you about it, if he wanted to, but he doesn’t. 

Being the feline familiar to the Thorne family of witches, he has certain magical abilities, including multiple lives, even still, being run over by a speeding automobile that didn’t even stop to check on him is infuriating so he’s determined to find the person responsible and make them pay.

He’s a cat on a mission and nothing will distract him… except, maybe, nap time.



Relics, Rumors & Robbery

Bad Omen Investigations - Book Two

Before everything fell apart, Ruby Foster had been enjoying a completely normal day. Then again, normal was relative in Tempest, Texas. As a supernatural safe haven where paranormal beings lived together in the open, normal meant expecting the unexpected. But she didn’t think anyone could have imagined a rogue, lunch-hour robbery at the local diner.

Attacking a room full of supernaturals should have been a death sentence but somehow the thieves managed to incapacitate them all and steal more than just the money in the till. They got away with wallets, watches and even jewels. More importantly though, they took the priceless relic that the heir to the Moonlight Pack wore as a symbol of his power and authority, right off his finger.

Now, Ruby must use her years of true crime knowledge and shifter senses to solve the mystery behind the robbery. Unfortunately, her obnoxious, overconfident boss, insists on joining her in the investigation to find his stolen ring and unmask the culprits behind the heist. They’ll have to work together to track down the thieves, unravel the truth behind the rumors and put their own troublesome past behind them for the sake of their pack.

Can they recover the stolen ring, catch the criminals and restore peace to their pack before it's too late? Find out in this cozy paranormal mystery filled with witty banter, a touch of romance and enough suspense to keep you guessing until the final page.

Spells, Spirits & Sabotage

A Bad Omen Investigations Short Story

Available Exclusively in The Cozy Mystery Tribe's "A Witch of a Scandal" Anthology.

This short story is a bonus in the Bad Omen Investigations Series. The events occur following the conclusion of Relics, Rumors & Robbery. While it isn't required that you read the previous books in the series to enjoy this short story, it is recommended.

Someone is sabotaging Mallory Thorne’s big day.

Her something old went up in flames and her something borrowed
disappeared into thin air. And if that wasn’t bad enough, her
shampoo magically turned her hair blue and she’s supposed to
walk down the aisle in just a few hours.

She’s determined to find the person responsible before she says
I do but it will take an ancient spellbook, all her supernatural
friends and a seance if she has any chance of getting her
happily ever after today.



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